Claire Cibère
Lieu: Zurich City
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Lieu: Zurich City
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2 heures 600 CHF
Nuit 1600 CHF
Mes services
Small patch (2h): 600 CHF
Big patch (3h): 800 CHF
Pull request (5h): 1000 CHF
Code review (16h): 1600 CHF
Pair program (24h): 2100 CHF
A propos de moi
Actualisé: 7 mars 2023
Hello, nice to meet you, I am your nerdy escort Claire!

My favorite kind of person is a bit geeky, has an unusual interest in something outside of the norm, and is curious and eager to explore things. Many times in my life I felt that the shy people turned out to be the most interesting to spend time with, but you have to get to know them a bit before they allow you to see this side. I can easily get into deep conversations with most people. And that's also what I enjoy the most about the connection that intimate touch creates. I love the conversation that becomes possible after a physical connection.

I love my job, but I also love to escape this world from time to time and see life from a different person's perspective. Furthermore, escorting makes it possible for me to explore my own sexuality, try out different kinks of other people and see how I feel about it. Sometimes people surprise me with a visit to a nice restaurant, other times there might be sports. No date is alike! I am curious to find out how your ideal date looks like!

You would like to spend a relaxed evening programming together in charming company? You would like to spend a weekend skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking in the mountains and cuddle up or relax in the Spa together afterwards? Or do you want to have somebody to travel with? You lack sexual experience and want to build it up before entering into the dating game? Or maybe you want to try out a kink which only exists in your fantasy until now?

More information:
Section: Escort Girl  
Âge: 33 
Poids: 63kg 
Taille: 165cm 
Taille des seins: A-size 
Couleur de cheveux: Bruns 
Nationalité: European 
Je travaille jour et nuit
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J'offre des services d'Escort Girl dans la ville de Zürich. Le prix pour une session de 2 heures avec moi est de 600 USD. Je mesure 165cm et je pèse 63kg. Cheveux bruns et yeux gris. Mon nom est Claire Cibère. Je suis une escort girl européenne de 33 ans de Stadt Zürich. à tout moment.